InterX Inc.

accurate biomolecular simulation

for drug discovery and material science


molecular simulations that shape the future of computational science

InterX, Inc. is a biotechnology startup revolutionizing biomolecular computation. Our goal is to achieve robust and accurate prediction of molecular and ensemble properties of biological systems. Led by Nobel Prize-winning scientists, InterX is creating tools for pharmaceutical ligand design, material science, and biochemistry. 

0.5 Kcal/Mol

precision of ensemble properties 

prediction for Ligand binding


What We Do

Using principles of Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Computational Chemistry and Biology, InterX derives rules of molecular interactions to predict the properties and behaviors of complex systems. Through advanced proprietary software that approximates inherently quantum mechanical processes underlying biochemical interactions, InterX develops novel and reliable means of predicting the real-world outcomes of biophysical processes. 



innovations rooted in collaborative research

InterX is located in Berkeley, California and operates at the nexus of academic research and pharma-tech industry. We partner with leading edge researchers, drug developers, and biotechnology companies across the globe to predict drug-target interactions using the most advanced computer algorithms available.


research collaborators and organizations

Research Collaborators 

Voronina Ekaterina Nikolaevna, Ph.D., Lomonosov Moscow State University

Maria Kurnikova, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University


Research Organizations

Cocrystal Pharma, Inc.

Department of Structural Biology at Stanford University

HitGen, Ltd.

meet our team


our team

Boris Fain.jpg

Boris Fain, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer,

Chief Technology Officer 

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Oleg Butin, Ph.D.

Director, Software Development

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Igor Kurnikov-bw3.jpg

Senior Scientist; Director, Simulations

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Leonid Pereyaslavetsbw.jpg

Senior Scientist;

Director, Force-Field Development

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Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Office Manager

we're hiring!

The InterX team is an international group of physicists, mathematicians, chemists, biologists, and software engineers who are passionate about making an enduring contribution to science. We are looking for exceptional individuals who want to be a part of cutting-edge physics and biophysics research.



InterX Inc.

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